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  1. x-idolfans

    Sir Request
    [KU-005] ???
    Thanks before

  2. bigman38

    ohp-046 pretty please?

  3. Paul

    Can you upload more from Rio Natsume and Rina Akiyama !
    Especially Rina!

  4. free

    Please Request?DVD?NINETEEN/???? [WBDV-94] &?DVD?Innocent Summer/???? [WBDV-102]

  5. Paul

    Please find this rare one !
    Natsume Rio – Idol One: Lingeriena J

  6. Mark Evans

    Please can you re-upload – Yoko Kumada ???? – ??????? ?????? DVDISO LCDV-40295
    All the download links are dead. Thanks.

  7. king

    Hi please Request [BUQH-040] and [MMR-426]

  8. pet

    Please reupload [CPBD-022].

  9. Falconxyz

    Why here are no more photo albums update?

  10. Natasha

    @X_IDOL Do you have Mikie Hara Itsumo Kimito SYD-797 http://www.yesasia.com/global/mikie-hara-itsumo-kimito-dvd-japan-version/1033453794-0-0-0-en/info.html Thank you

  11. Yuri

    Hi, Nice to meet you ^^

    My name is Yuri and I am the Marketing Manager at Akinasista

    We are the Digital Marketing Agency from Japan I am currently looking to buy Japan traffic for online game offers.

    I would like to discuss to explore our business opportunities.

    If easier, please add me on Skype: igaki.yuri name is YURI IGAKI ( all captals)

    I look forward to your reply.

    Best regards,


  12. Abc

    Can you continue to upload more magazine such as weekly playboy please? Thank you

  13. Vonn


  14. G cup teens girl

    Dear Vonn,

    The WPB of 2015 No.28 to 37 (at 09 Sep), were not available.

  15. Inoki

    Hello, Vonn-san, how are you?

    Could you reupload [ENFD-5482] ???? Hoharu Oyama – ??? on Uploaded, please?
    I’m having problems with Bitshare and can’t download from there =(

    Thank you very much!!!

  16. obito122

    Do you upload LPFD-284:Mitsuki Endo:Aza to Kawaii .Thank

  17. honmayan

    Vonn, please, do you have the ENFD-5161? You uploaded the DVD iso, but it’s offline. Do you have the avi or mp4 file?
    Thank you very much!

  18. PLZ

    Rin Sasayama ????

    JssJ 142

  19. Abc

    hi vonn
    Could you upload more magazine and picture? Thank you

  20. Vonn


  21. woohoo

    vonn rapigator is not accepting mastercard anymore

    cannot get premium account, have to use free download..

    do you have referral link for RG?

  22. cony

    yuri takase plz

  23. plz

    Rin Sasayama ???? ??????

    JSSJ-142, MMR-AA025, JSSJ-151, JSSJ-156

    Rei Kuromiya ????

    IMBD-340 IMBD-347 IMBD-350 IMBD-354

    IMPM-013 IMPM-015 IMPM-022 IMPM-025 IMPM-027


  24. Verbhoe

    Dear admin, do you have the movie version of bwh bjk. 0016 of erina yanagi.plz…

  25. migeal

    Dear administer


  26. higehige

    Request Shoko Takasaki
    datafile please

  27. Mr.T

    Hi, great site
    you have also videos with schuba dive theme?

  28. Jack

    Dear Vonn
    Could you reupload these 4 videos please
    Thanks a lotヾ(*´∀`*)ノ

  29. X-IDOLBoy

    Dear admin
    reupload AHG-0022

  30. Cecil Mcbee

    Dear admin von

    Request rare works of ** Yukiko Hachisuka **

    COV-082 蜂須賀ゆきこ -はっちーの刺されちゃうぞ
    VEPD-095 Honey Bee

    I appreciate it a lot. Thanks

  31. obito123

    Please upload ENFD-5551.Thanks

  32. Ujin

    Please reuploade
    “Yuuri Morishita – Nikkan Gendai Shitsureishimasu Vol3”

  33. vroam

    Any chance of getting SBMO-01124 and SBMO-01122 uploaded on the site?


  34. Tom543

    Could you re-upload [SOPA-005] Risa Fujimaki 藤巻理沙 初めての恋dvdiso please.


  35. Tapio


    Could you please reupload TSDV-41603 Takasaki Seiko DVDISO?

    Best Regards

  36. blueberry

    [IMBD-313] Yuna Minamoto ??? – ???? Part3 Blu-ray – Rapidgator link for Part 3 is dead.

  37. blueberry

    [IMPM-008] ???? Rei Kuromiya � ????? Part4 – Rapidgator link for Part 2 is dead

  38. prdox

    Could you please reupload JMDV-232 ? Thank you

  39. jogn

    Could you please upload HTC-006

    Thank you

  40. blueberry

    I’ve just looked through 50 pages of results (495 hits) for MANA (真奈). Managed to find 8 videos I didn’t already have, the last entry being on page 39. Lovely girl – I just wish she had a more distinctive name!

  41. tflops

    Megumi Aisaka 逢坂愛 is the most beautiful woman in the world, but it’s not so easy to find her material online. Her last video is OME-259. Do you have access to that one?

  42. sauvage

    Hello. Could you please re-upload KIDM-335 to Datafile? Thank you.

  43. AsianCuties

    Hello, do you want to exchange link with my site ? 🙂

  44. ty

    More DVDISO, including reuploads, please. Anything older than a year is mostly deleted by now.

  45. ji

    Could you post more junior idol ISOs? Especially ICDV, as many of those in the past year are already deleted. Thanks!

  46. Bob

    Please Please Please reupload the SNM series! Thank you!

  47. Gutted

    What’s happened with bigfile? When all the other filehost links on older posts were dead, the bigfile links would often still be working. Now, they all seem to be coming up as “This file is no longer available”.

  48. Vonn

    i think bigfile is dead

  49. Hoko

    Hello! Can you reupload ENFD-5482 (Hoharu Oyama), please? This is very hard to find!

    Thank you very much! =D

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