[DGC]No.853 ????? Rion Sakamoto

[DGC]No.853 ????? Rion Sakamoto





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    • pierre on September 20, 2015 at 6:01 am

    hello beautiful Rion !!!
    wow ! i begin to trust in God when i see you : only God could create such a fantastic woman i sincerely respect .
    i am very glad to enjoy your pics which are so nice and wish you will continue long time ! As i wrote somewhere you are a lot better than miss univers: elegance and charm.
    i like to watch your movies and would have the all movies list even , of course ,with your others aliases as R Wasabe , probably Nao Fujimoto etc when you start on this buisiness ( at 18 yo i beleive ) ALL ! :would you send me it with who is( are ) the distributor(s) , where to buy it …i wanted to buy one dvd on cdjapan but they have no more movies from you ……
    As you can see i am a fan and follow you since few years when i discovered Rion Sakamoto on all gravure….
    I thank you again for your movie s work and will be very glad to hear you soon.
    As a french i allow me to kiss you….. if you give me the permission !

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